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'Because being realistic is the most common travelled road to mediocrity'

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If you have a passion for our planet and expertise in the solar field we want you. Provide us with your details for the chance to work with our dynamic team. Not quite an expert but you love talking to people and want to earn money making a positive environmental impact. Apply to be a lead generator. Pop in your details below to find out if you would be a great fit.

Enfini launched in June 2018 and already we have a growing team of successful individuals, driving a sales force for our clients.

Our Co-Founders have a combined industry experience of over 20 years specialising in Dynamic and Bold marketing strategies, they have created their own family business and the atmosphere in our small but unique office space is one of vitality and creativity.

We may be the new (and young) kids on the block, but what we may lack in experience our business more than makes up for with our insane drive and strive for excellence. Our energy efficiency clients are top notch and we have sourced premium products at affordable prices that never compromise on quality. Whether you are a potential client looking for efficiency specialists or wanting a new career, you will be well looked after and your expectations will be exceeded.
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  • Suite 3, 23-25 Railway Terrace, Milton, Queensland, Australia